Here, OfferChips would like to share some of the complaint and comment from players.
Recently we heard player's account being hacked by unknown person and all chips has gone, left $500 in their account.
According to player's, this happen because of player reveal / disclose their account email and password for seller to login and load chips into it.
Later, seller will return their account with amount of chips had purchased. If player continue to lose and purchase again with them then their account will be not a problem.
Account being hacked is those player win alot of chips or player buying with other seller. Although some of the player said they changed their password but still being hacked.
An advised from OfferChips, do not reveal your pokerist account details to anyone. Especially your email address, unless you want to take risk.  We OfferChips always advise player to buy chips and we transfer to them face to face on table. Although some of the player requested us to transfer chips into their account by giving us their account information but we advised not to do so.
Lastly, bro and sis out there becareful not to reveal your account information or buying a new account with chips. Unless you're professional to transfer out all your chips from new account without banned by pokerist.
Choose the right way to purchase chips, play without WORRIES and win HAPPILY.  You can buy cheap and secure chips from cheap pokerist chips site.
Thank you